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FPIN Physician Numeracy
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Physician Numeracy Learning Path

Physician numeracy refers to a broad range of mathematical skills needed for practicing medicine, including the statistical knowledge necessary to interpret original research papers.  Residents and faculty recognize that understanding statistics is important for interpreting results in evidence-based medicine (EBM), but unfortunately they report low self-confidence in this area.  Numeracy should be given much more emphasis in residency curricula and can form the foundation of EBM teaching. Objectives for a numeracy curriculum and a sample curriculum using an EBM framework are described in the courses below.

Intro to EBM Physician Numeracy and Diagnostic Reasoning

Diagnostic Reasoning II

Diagnostic Reasoning III

Biostatistics I

Biostatistics II

Biostatistics III

Biostatistics IV

Biostatistics V

Biostatistics V2

Design of Therapies I

Design of Therapies II

Analysis of Therapies I

Analysis of Therapies II 


Survival I

Survival II

Systematic Reviews I

Systematic Reviews II

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