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Hot news!

This month, we are excited to announce that we have applied for MEDLINE® indexing for our journal, Evidence-Based Practice. We hope to hear back within the next few months and will keep you updated! 


Due to inclement weather conditions, our office will be closed on Friday, January 13th. If you need assistance, our staff will be available via email.

This Month's EBP


We are excited to share that FPIN will be applying for MEDLINE® indexing for its journal, Evidence-Based Practice, by February 2017! As part of this initiative, we are proud to debut a new cover for EBPPlease email Adelina Colbert at adelina@fpin.org if you have any questions regarding this process.  

December 2016

Click the cover to access the full issue!

Member spotlight

“At the University of Missouri, we have believed in FPIN from the start.  We promote FPIN writing projects as an exercise in scholarly writing and critical thinking for students, residents, and faculty.  Learners at all of these different stages work together to learn how to ask and answer questions using the best available evidence—essential skills for the practice of modern medicine.  No one else in Family Medicine is doing the work that FPIN does to link clinical knowledge and scholarship in a way that is feasible for family doctors.”

Laura Morris, MD, MSPH 

University of Missouri - Columbia

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